About Bob Haddad, Producer

Bob HaddadOwner of Owl’s Head Music publishing company and founder of the Music of the World record label, Bob has been active in music and music production since the late 70s. His work in music includes recording and producing field recordings in various countries, promoting concerts of traditional artists, producing commercial recordings, and writing on world music and world culture. He has also served as music consultant to various businesses and educational organizations.

Bob has performed professionally as a jazz singer since the 80s and has also performed and recorded as a percussionist. As an educator, he has taught on the secondary and college levels in foreign languages and ethnomusicology, he has researched traditional world music, and has authored world music educational programs. The world music programs he developed for Glencoe/McGraw Hill, aimed primarily at high school students, were the first music education programs ever used in conjunction with World Geography and Social Studies syllabi. These teaching programs, entitled “World Music: A Cultural Legacy,” and “American Music: Hits Through History” are still in use today around the world.

Bob is President of Owl’s Head Music (BMI), a music publishing company dedicated to traditional and modern world music. Owl’s Head administers a library of original compositions and arrangements of traditional songs, and licenses their use worldwide for film, television, commercial recordings and multimedia.

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