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An exciting exploration of vocal-based music from the world’s traditions, this “Vox Set” presents an amazing variety of selections in three volumes; Traditional, Sacred & Contemporary. An accompanying 52-page book with photos and extensive liner notes completes the package. GLOBAL VOICES features spoken percussion, overtone singing, chanting, devotional songs, a capella tunes, yodeling, blues, flamenco and many other forms of singing. (MOW 149)

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Global Voices – Contemporary

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Global Voices – Traditional

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Global Voices – Sacred

The Language of Rhythm
2 CD box set of drumming from North & South India

For percussion fans, here’s a special treat. Two definitive Indian drumming CDs in an attractive box set at a great price. Trichy Sankaran is one of the most acknowledged drummers from South India. From his mrdangam (double-headed barrel drum) and kanjira (lizard skin tambourine) he is able to extract incredible textures and rhythms. Bickram Ghosh hails from a strong lineage of masters of the tabla, the most popular North Indian drums. His fast and clean playing, as well as his knowledge of North Indian rhythms made him a regular accompanist for the famed Ravi Shankar. The set comes with two full-length CDs (Laya Vinyas and Talking Tabla), and a special book with detailed information on the instruments including construction, playing techniques, and evolution of drumming on the Indian subcontinent. (MOW 150)

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Invocations: Sacred Music from World Traditions

This extraordinary compilation brings together sacred & spiritual music from a wide variety of traditions. The pieces range from ecstatic and uplifting to peaceful and sublime, and they reflect Afro-Cuban, Muslim, Hindu, Sufi, Buddhist, African, syncretic Christian & Native American cultures. With a common focus on the spiritual, the music transcends boundaries.

Featured artists: Hassan Hakmoun (Morocco), Dumi Maraire & Ephat Mujuru (Zimbabwe), Etuh Ensemble (Nigeria), Karnataka College of Percussion (India), Cornel Pewewardy (USA), Qhapaq Negros (Peru), K. Subramaniam & Trichy Sankaran (India), “Puntilla” & Nueva Generación (Cuba), Bayram Bilge Toker (Turkey), Tadashi Tajima (Japan), Jalal Zolfonun (Iran) (MOW 151)

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Nomad Christmas: A World Music Celebration

This Christmas album is unlike any other and will continue to be a treasured favorite for many years to come. Master musicians from around the world join together to spice-up traditional holiday songs with hip arrangements and flavors from around the world. Features: Tarun Bhattacharya (Indian hammered dulcimer), Duofel (Brazilian guitar duo), Folk Scat (Bulgarian a cappella), Bickram Ghosh (Indian tabla), Bob Haddad (percussion), Mike Richmond & Robbie Link (upright bass), Simon Shaheen (Middle Eastern oud & violin), Richard Sussman (piano) and Glen Velez (frame drums).   (NMD 50314)

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